Workplace Monitoring

Workplace Monitoring

Our services

As an accredited laboratory for workplace monitoring under TRGS (Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances) 402 we work with approved analysis methods (e.g. DFG methods, OSHA, NIOSH) as well as a wide variety of laboratory methods of comparable quality. We can quickly develop and validate new procedures in cases where there are no generally accepted procedures for occupational safety analysis, in particular when new chemicals are involved.

Our strengths

Let us be your expert partner in everything that needs to be done in the area of workplace monitoring, from analysis through the evaluation and interpretation of the results in terms of compliance with the applicable legal requirements. Our employees are experienced specialists who have extensive expertise in a wide range of measurement technologies.

Service details

  • Development and validation of methods
  • Substance-specific measurements for workplace monitoring in accordance with TRGS 402 by means of generally accepted analysis procedures (DFG, OSHA, NIOSH etc.)
  • Supply of absorbent materials, impinger solutions or other absorbent solutions


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